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Tribal Nations in Minnesota


Minnesota has 11 federally recognized Indian tribal governments. Each tribe is a separate sovereign nation with its own government.  

Each tribe in Minnesota has an independent relationship with the United States government and the State of Minnesota.  

As sovereign nations, tribes determine how they want to regulate and oversee businesses – including cannabis businesses – on their land. The State of Minnesota does not have jurisdiction to regulate tribes. Minnesota’s cannabis law is among the strongest in the nation to honor and recognize tribal sovereignty and the authority of Tribal Nations to make decisions about cannabis sales on tribal land.  

Tribal partnerships

Minnesota’s cannabis law allows the Governor or his designee to enter into compacts with tribal governments to address jurisdictional issues related to the medical cannabis and adult-use cannabis industries. These compacts are intended to enhance public health and safety, ensure a safe and well-regulated medical and adult-use cannabis markets, encourage economic development, and provide fiscal benefits to both tribal nations and the state.