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Rulemaking Overview

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) will begin the formal rulemaking to establish statewide industry and commercial requirements in a variety of areas related to adult-use cannabis and lower-potency hemp edibles. Areas that will be addressed through rulemaking include:

  • product labeling and packaging
  • business licensing
  • plant cultivation
  • product testing
  • pesticide and fertilizer use
  • energy and water usage
  • cannabis product disposal
  • OCM response to municipal complaints

In order to meet the high demand for a regulated market for adult use cannabis and lower-potency hemp edibles in Minnesota, the legislature granted OCM the authority to use the Expedited Rulemaking Process outlined in Minn. Stat. § 14.389. While this process will allow OCM to complete the rulemaking process with some flexibilities that would otherwise not be available, the rules may not be approved and in force until 2025.

Public participation in the rulemaking process

The Office of Cannabis Management is committed to giving the people of Minnesota ample opportunity to be heard as it considers the appropriate limitations and requirements that will be placed into rule. Public discussion sessions with OCM, both in person and virtually, will be offered so that the public can be informed and be given an opportunity to comment on the rulemaking process.

Advance notice of these sessions will be posted on this website and sent to anyone who signs up for email updates on the adult cannabis rulemaking process. Click to subscribe to Rulemaking email updates. There will also be an opportunity for the public to review the rules in their proposed form and submit comment on them, as required by law.